Celtic Solstice Water Stop Plan

Situation:  The Celtic Solstice event is a five-mile during normally cool temperatures with one water stop on the course and water at the finish.

Mission:  The Celtic Solstice volunteers will set-up water onthe course to accommodate needs of the runners along the correct course during the conduct of the event.

The on-course water stop is set-up by the Conservatory near after the turn-around area.  The operation consists of set-up, delivery of fluids, policing up tossed cups, and clean-up.
The water stop consists of four eight-foot tables, several five-gallon water canisters,  20 five gallon containers of bottled water,  3,000 4 to 6 oz paper cups, water pitchers, latex gloves, flat cardboard for stacking, trash bags, and a U-Haul truck.

Tables positioned in a linear fashion with some distance between them to allow runners to spread out while getting water.
Water jugs to be filled by dumping the contents (as needed) of the five-gallon bottled water into them.
Latex gloves to be worn to prevent hands from getting wet from the splashing of water.
Pitchers to be used to dip into the five-gallon jugs, filling with water, and then pouring the water into the paper cups.  Cups should be filled about to 2/3 of the way to the top as runners will spill full cups.
Cardboard separators: As cups are filled, a layer of cardboard may be placed on the tabletop of full cups and another layer of cups may be filled on top of that one.
Trash pick-up it is imperative that we leave Druid Hill Park as clean or cleaner than we found it.  A major part of the task is picking up the cups on the ground.  Falls Road will provide  shoe cartons or cardboard trash containers.  Placed on the course after the water stop with varying intervals, many runners will endeavor to throw their cup into the trash can, alleviating the need to pick up a lot of them.

Logistics:   Walkie-talkies from Blanchard Communications.  Falls Road will prepare a pick-up truck with all the necessary items for the water stop.  The water stop captain will arrange for the truck to be delivered to the water stop in time for the crew to set up.


Command and Control:   Kevin Dolan is the Water Stop Captain with walkie-talkie communications back to the main tent.  Any requests for additional crew are to be processed through Sheila to come from the food set-up crew.