Celtic Solstice 2010 Parking Plans
Mantra - Carpool, carpool, carpool and Arrive Early
Note - If your car is towed it will be taken to the Reptile House near the Zoo
Directions below this map

This is the basic parking plan for this year’s Celtic Solstice.  It includes directions on how to get there and shuttle plans.

 PARKING IS LIMITED at the start but plentiful in the park, so read carefully.  Cars parked anywhere along the above RED LINE WILL BE TOWED.  Long time participants may remember parking much closer to the start area, but due to the size of the race field those areas need to be opened up for runners.  Wyman Park Drive will be barricaded except for volunteers, so please follow the directions below.  We cannot afford to have vehicles run over the computer mats on the road.

There are four main parking areas, as well as limited parking in surrounding neighborhoods.  I would recommend that you leave the secret parking spots in surrounding neighborhoods for the local residents to figure out, as there are some areas around the venue where an unattended strange car may have bad things happen to it.

A)    Parking around Druid Lake.  As you come off I-83 onto Druid Park Drive, the gates to the Lake Drive will be open.  Drive around the lake as far as possible.  The course runs around the lake on Lake Drive, so it is important that you park so as not to impede the runners.  The bike path running close to the water is the course.  Park diagonally head in on the side of the road away from the water.

Please take a look at the photo below so you can get an idea of how the lake drive splits off from the
main roadway:


B)     Parking around the Mansion House Loop – You may drive almost to the zoo headquarters and park on either side of the Mansion House Loop.  Please do not block the loop by attempting to park in the little turn-around area just prior to the Mansion House.  Please do not block the entry to the Baltimore City Police K-9 Facility as officers will be reporting to work between 8 and 8:30 as they attempt to avoid the race, so please allow them access to their office.  NO PARKING ZONE between the Three Way Stop Sign intersections - YOU WILL BE TOWED!!!


C)  Pay parking in the Johns Hopkins Garage on San Martin Drive - There are 500+ parking spots in the covered
garage at the intersection of Wyman Park Drive and San Martin Drive.  The walk to the start is shorter than the
walk from the Mansion House Loop.

D)    Parking at the Maryland Zoo lot – there is a lot of parking in this area.  As the lot fills up cars may park up on the yard area.  The map below assume coming from I 70 west as well as driving all the way around the park.

After you park, you should head over to the check-in/starting line/finish area notated below.  There will
be buses running through the park before the race.

DO NOT PARK in the 800 Block of Wyman Park Drive (Stieff Silver Building).  That area will be cordoned off for volunteers and race staff.  You will be towed.

DO NOT PARK next to the swimming pool on either side of the road.  That area will also be cordoned off for the race course.  You will be towed.

DO NOT PARK on the side of the road on the course.  You will be towed.

SHUTTLE PLAN – there are four school buses running continous loops.  Two of the buses will go from 3001 East Drive to the Mansion House loop.  Runners parking on the loop, or on the west side of Druid Lake can walk down to the three-way intersection and catch a ride to the start.  Two other buses will be running from 3001 East Drive to the Maryland Zoo parking lot.  People parking at the zoo lots can catch a ride on those buses.