Celtic Solstice Parking Plan

 Situation:  The Celtic Solstice event will attract several thousand people to Druid Hill Park.  There is not enough convenient parking to accommodate the expected number of vehicles.

Mission:  Celtic Solstice volunteers working with Druid Hill Park staff and rangers will coordinate parking in four of the five planned parking areas:

1)  Parking around Druid Lake
2)  Parking around the Mansion House Loop
3)  Parking at the Maryland Zoo area.
4)  Vounteer Parking at Stieff Silver

Concept:  The fourth parking area is the Johns Hopkins University pay garage on San Martin Drive.  Runners will have to find that area on their own.

DHP staff will open the gates to Druid Lake at approximately 6:15 AM.  Dan Goodman will be stationed at the gate to wave people through.  Drivers are encouraged to go entirely around the lake to the back side of the Moorish Tower and begin parking on the far side of the lake.
IMPORTANT CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS: cars are to park head-in on the outside perimeter of the lake.  Runners will use the bike path as the race course.

As traffic begins to back up on Druid Park Drive, runners will be directed up to the Swann Drive entrance.  The vehicles will enter on Swann Drive and proceed to the Mansion House intersection.  Chris Cucuzzella will direct all vehicles who have made it this far into the Mansion House Loop.    No vehicles are allowed beyond that point unless they have an official vehicle pass in the windshield.  Those will be issued to Scott Phin, Jim Adams, Kevin Dolan, tow trucks, and the school buses.  Park staff vehicles will have Baltimore City logos on the sides of the door.

Parking captains need to coordinate with park staff to ensure that race participants are allowed through the intersection at Swann and Beechwood.

As the Mansion House loop begins to fill, traffic will be re-directed around Druid Lake.  As both lots fill, traffic is to be directed to the Maryland Zoo parking lot at the Gywnns Falls entrance.

Cars may park on Swann between Beechwood and Druid Park Drive.  There is also a small overflow parking area on Beechowood where an old cobblestone street goes behind the conservatory.  HOWEVER, there is no parking on the course whatsoever.  Tow trucks will on station at the Mansion House loop to remove any violators.  Dan Goodman or Scott Phin will report any needs to Chris Cucuzzella, who will dispatch the tow truck to the appropriate area.  Violators are to be towed the Reptile House.    

At 8:15 AM all vehicular traffic will cease to enter the park from any except the Gywnns Falls entrance to the Maryland Zoo.  At that time only official race vehicles will be permitted on the course.

Volunteer Parking:  Volunteers will be designated to park in Volunteer Lot 1, which is behind the Boy Scout Building, or Volunteer Lot 2 which is the Stieff Silver Parking Lot.  It is important to limit the parking in Lot 1 as it is needed to access the pavilion tent with food, wine, and other supplies.

Logistics:  Need parking signs, Falls Road to coordinate with Woody for signage.  Hi-visibility parking vests for all parking marshals.  Flags for parking marshals.  Communications for the leaders.

Command and Control:  Dan Goodman with a walkie-talkie is in charge of the Lake parking crew.  Jan Cook, Harry Good, and Rich Desser will also have walkie-talkies.  Chris Cucuzzella is in charge of the Mansion house crew.  He will have a walkie- talkie and issue one to a marshal on the zoo side of the loop and one to a marshal on the K-9 side of the loop.  Chris will have the tow trucks stationed at the Mansion House loop.