DRIVING DIRECTIONS:  (Note – if you are using GPS type in 1100 Druid Park Lake Drive 21217.)
1.  From downtown on I 83 north
2. From points north on I 83 south
3.  From I 70 East
4.  From I 83 south to Johns Hopkins parking garage

From points north taking I-83 South – Take Exit 7 Druid Park Lake Drive toward the Baltimore Zoo

From downtown on I -83 North – Take Exit 7 Druid Park Drive IMPORTANT NOTE – Do not take North Avenue which is the right-hand split on the  same exit as it will lead to some of Baltimore’s least desirable hangout areas and it is very difficult to find your way out of them due to the proliferation of one-way streets dead-ending in alleys. Click on the thumbnail to see the split to the lake.

A)  As you come onto Druid Park Drive, the gate to Lake Drive will be open.  There will be parking staff there, follow directions.
B)  Option 2 - go to the traffic signal just past Lake Drive, turn right onto Swann Drive.  There is parking immediately on both sides of the road all the way down to the Mansion House loop.  Once to the Mansion House loop turn left and go up the loop to park.
C) Option 3 is to continue around on Druid Lake Drive which turns into Auchentrolly Terrace.  Make a right turn at the traffic signal at Gwynns Falls Parkway and turn left immediately toward the Maryland Zoo.  The right turn will be blocked except for bus access.
Click on the thumbnail to see the split to the lake.

3)  From I 70 East:  Take I 70  to Security Boulevard and turn right at the first signal onto Forest Park Drive.  Turn right at Windsor Mill Road which will turn into Gywnns Falls Parkway and take you all the way to Druid Hill Park.

4)  From 83 south and Cold Spring Lane to the Johns Hopkins parking garage: