Celtic Solstice Bus Guide Plan


Situation:  The Celtic Solstice event will attract several thousand people to Druid Hill Park.  Many will park a long distance from the start/finish area.

Mission:  The Celtic Solstice has contracted with Citywide Bus Services to provide four school buses to transport runners from their parking area to the start/finish line.  The drivers need guidance on the route.

Concept:  The buses drivers will report to 800 Wyman Park Drive at 7:00 AM.  There will be two bus routes.  Bus route #1 will consist of all four buses that run in a continous loop from the Jones Building at 3001 East Drive to the Mansion House loop.  The drop-off/turn-around at the Jones Building will be the traffic circle immediately in front of the building.  The pick-up/turn-around point at the Mansion House loop will be a right turn into the Mansion House loop, immediate left turn, then immediate left turn, and the bus stop/pick-up point will be at the stop sign.

At 7:45 AM two of the four buses will alter their route to extend all the way to the Maryland Zoo parking lot.

At 8:15 AM one of the two buses still on the Mansion Loop route will stop at the Jones Building and the course marshals will board.  The course marshal captain will then direct the driver around the course and drop off the course marshals at their assigned locations.

Logistics:  Buses and drivers from Citywide bus service.  Walkie-talkies from Blanchard Communications.  Drivers maps prepared by Falls Road Running.

Command and Control:  Laurie Roman is the course marshal Captain and will have a walkie-talkie.  Tom Gamper is the lead bus guide and will stay on the buses with a walkie-talkie.

After initial guiding the bus drivers Marty Zemel will report back to the main tent for more help as needed.