Celtic Solstice Race-Day Volunteer Tasks
Master List of Volunteers and Tasks Here

Estimated attendance: 3,000 finishers, 100 volunteers, 25 park staff, EMS, and other support, 300 bandits, numerous spectators, estimated attendance approximately 3,600)

Volunteer Parking: Based on your assignments, volunteers and support staff will park in one of three areas:  either behind the Boy Scout Building, or in the Stieff Silver Parking Lot, or over by the Water Stop.  A parking pass will be available on-line for you to download.  We do have volunteer parking lot marshals to make sure that you go to the right place.  Parking is very limited at the venue.  DO NOT FORWARD THE LINK TO VOLUNTEER PARKING TO YOUR NON-VOLUNTEER FRIENDS IT WILL GO VIRAL AND THEN THERE WILL BE NO VOLUNTEER PARKING SPOTS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most volunteers are multi-tasked in three, sometimes four phases - pre-run, during run, and post-run.  The link to the draft master link is here:

Reporting:  Volunteers are to report to the Volunteer Check-In Station as you enter the tent.  If you believe you are finished with your assigned tasks and have nothing else to do before clean-up, please report to Sheila.  She will be in contact with other captains around the course and may send you to another station.  Sheila has the power of to coerce since she is supervising the postrace-cleanup leftover shirt distribution too!


General Task Descriptions::

1)      Coffee/Cider Contact Baltimore Coffee and Tea. 

2)      Early Arrivals Falls Road Staff and Captains will arrive 5:30 AM to get organized. 

3)      Parking Teams Arrive 6:00 AM  Volunteer Lot workers will check passes and ID's to the Volunteer and VIP parking.  Lake and Mansion Loop volunteers will guide traffic in their respective areas.  After parking, there will be supplemental duties.

4)   Bib/Chip/Shirt Distribution Teams Arrive 6:15 AM  The bib/shirt distribution team issues bibs and shirts, then sends the runners over to the Chip issuing team. All volunteers at these stations will have secondary duties with food set-up or finish line, so check your assignment.

5)  Bus Guides - will show the school bus drivers the correct routes and coordinate moving to the zoo lot.

6)      Barkers/ Bag Check Team Arrive 6:30 AM (Barkers will tell runners which station to move to next and to get out of the tent to let other people in!)

5)      Food / Wine / Pepsi Teams Arrive 6:30 AM   we need to get off-loaded inside the tent before the runners begin to show up

6)  Food-set up teams will come from the bib/chip distribution teams.  Do not leave when you think the work is done because it isn't.  Food needs to be moved to the tables as the runners consume it.  And there will be a demand for additional help at the soup and wine serving stations.  Check with Pat and Sheila before leaving.

6)      Course Marshals Arrive 7:45 AM Jones Building - will be placed on course by the team captain.

7)      Water Stop Arrive 7:45 AM Gynns Falls Parkway entrance to Druid Hill Park.  Water stop is immediately to your right at you enter the park.


Volunteer Coordinator - Sheila Mahoney
Trouble Table - Lynda Filbert
Bib / Shirt distribution Kelly Meier
Chip distribution Tom Amatucci
Food set-up Pat Kaunitz
Soup Tim Mullen
Wine Rob Deford
Course Marshals Laurie Roman
Water Stop Kevin Dolan
Course Setup Scott Phin
Parking Dan Goodman Lake, Chris Cucuzzella Mansion